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The Somerset School District mission is, “Developing Learners.  Empowering Futures.  Together.”  Somerset High School lives the mission by partnering with parents, businesses, and community members to prepare all students to be college, career, and community ready.    We realize that educating our future takes a strong partnership between these individuals and groups.

Additionally, we work hard to ensure that our students and staff exhibit the following character traits:

  • Attitude – Come every day with the expectation of something great happening.  Those who view the relationship between the students and teachers as a co-operative partnership achieve more in the classroom and open more doors for their future.
  • Effort – The expectation is to give great effort in each and every class and on each and every assignment.  110% is not the goal; rather, how close to 100% can you achieve on a consistent basis.  You decide each day, in each class, and on each assignment, how much effort you will give.  Effort is simply a habit.  A student who gives 100% in all situations often outperforms a more talented student who gives less than 100%.  Get in the habit of giving 100%. 
  • Improve –This means that you expect, prepare for, and practice/perform at your best in all that you do.  This is higher than participation.  It is to empty yourself physically and mentally to achieve your best.  Improve means to not be afraid of making mistakes and not to fear failure; rather, to learn from your mistakes.  It means to always encourage and never criticize.
  • Pride – Take pride in yourself and your accomplishments.  Your hard work will pay off and is something that you should be proud of.  Take pride in your school.  The accomplishments that we make as a student body will help set you apart from students who graduate from other schools.  The ultimate compliment will be when we have others recruiting our students for their academics and complementing our character.
  • Respectful – Respect others for who they are as a person and not their abilities.  Care about your classmates, teachers, support staff, and others.  Work to help and support everyone in the educational setting to achieve their best.
  • Responsibility – Do what you say that you are going to do both in and outside of the classroom.  We must know that we can count on you at all times.
  • Role Model - Just as you looked up to the high school students and the students in classes ahead of you, our elementary and middle school students look up to you to see how they should behave and achieve in school.  Make sure that what they are seeing and imitating is positive.  What legacy will you and your classmates leave at Somerset High School?

It’s always a great day to be a Spartan,  

Chris Moore


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