Welcome to Somerset Elementary School!

Grades: EC/JK - 4

School hours:  8:05 am - 3:00 pm

Office hours:  7:30 am - 4:00 pm

Students being dropped off in the morning cannot arrive before 7:45 a.m. @ the Learning Center (EC & JK students) and 7:30 a.m. @ the Elementary School (K-4th grade students).



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Perfect Attendance 1st grade
2nd grade students w/perfect attendance
JK students w/lamb
JK creates fruit kabobs
JK creates fruit kabobs
Mrs. Forrest's class
JK students celebrate 100th day
Mrs. Klinger's student celebrates 100th day
ES students working on 100 autographs
2015 Food Drive
Principal for an Hour winners
1st grade Reader's Theater
Perfect Attendance K
K Perfect Attendance
1st grade perfect attendance
1st grade perfect attendance
2nd grade perfect attendance
3rd grade perfect attendance
JK Reading Buddies
JK Reading Buddies
Book club
Book club
Book Club
Book club
Book Club
Standing strong against bullying
Fire Prevention week
Fire Prevention week
Fire Prevention with JK students
Packer/Viking American Cancer fundraiser

School Counselors, Mr. Hurt & Mrs. Fretz had lunch on March 25 with 52 students who had perfect attendance in Trimester 2.

2nd grade students with perfect attendance in Trimester 2. 

Ms. Larson brought in a lamb for JK students as part of their discussion about lion & lamb days!

For the letter "K" week Mrs. Formo's JK students made fruit kabobs!

Mrs. Formo's JK students enjoy their fruit kabobs!

Mrs. Forrest's 1st graders "training dragons" at their Valentine's Day celebration!

Mrs. Formo's JK PM class celebrates the 100th day of school by making hats to celebrate the day!

Students in Mrs. Klinger's 1st grade class celebrated the 100th day of school by writing what they would do with $100.00

Kindergarten & 1st grade classes working together to get 100 autographs on the 100th day of school!

Student Council sponsored a SOUP-er Bowl Monday Food Drive which brought in over 650 items with 3rd grade donating the highest number with 238 items!  Way to go Super Spartans!

"Principal for an Hour" winners shown with Dr. Kamrath!

Mrs. HP's 1st grade class performs for their parents during their Reader's Theater performance on Jan. 22.

76 students had perfect attendance during the 1st trimester!  Each student received a Super Spartan t-shirt and were invited to have lunch with school counselors, Mr. Hurt & Mrs. Fretz, along with Dr. Kamrath!  Kindergarten students are shown displaying their shirts with Mr. Hurt. 

Kindergarten students with perfect attendance during 1st trimester!

1st grade students with perfect attendance during 1st trimester!

1st grade students with perfect attendance during 1st trimester!

2nd grade students with perfect attendance during 1st trimester!

3rd grade students with perfect attendance during 1st trimester!

After reading a Christmas story, the 8th grade students made a Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer craft!

Ms. Flater's 8th grade class read a Christmas story to Mrs. Formo's JK class!

Dr. Kamrath enjoys refreshments with his book club during their discussion of "Number the Stars".

Mrs. Eichten discusses "Donavan's Word Jar" with her book club from Mrs. Vrieze's 3rd grade class!

Students share thoughts about their book "Stone Fox" during book club with Mr. Rosburg!

Mr. Moore poses with the students in his book club!

3rd grade students with School Board Member, Mr. Gunther, proudly display the book they discussed!

3rd grade students in Mrs. Fuller's, Mrs. Gilson's & Mrs. Vrieze's class "stand strong against bullying".  "Unity Day" was celebrated on Wednesday, Oct. 22 with students & staff wearing orange to show their support against bully behavior.

The Somerset Fire Department teaches Ms. Larson's JK class about fire safety!

Mrs. Kerr's JK class gets an up-close look at the gear fire fighters wear!

Mrs. Formo's class spends time with the Somerset Fire Dept during Fire Prevention week!

Packer vs. Viking challenge to raise funds for the American Cancer Society.  The students raised a total of $571.13 ($350.62 for Packers and $220.51 for Vikings!)


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