Academic and Career Planning

The Somerset School District is committed to implementing Academic Career Planning during the 2016-2017 . A committee of middle and high school staff members have been meeting throughout the year to help implement this state mandated initiative. In order to be college and career ready, students in grades 6-12 will be creating an academic and career plan. Students will have opportunities to take coursework and gain experiences that align with their post-secondary plans.

As an assistive tool, the middle and high school will be using a platform called Career Cruising to help implement and track individual academic and career plans. Students will be introduced to Career Cruising during the 2016-2017 school year.

The ACP process is in line with our 8th and 11th grade individual planning conferences, transition activities, freshmen mentoring, community mentor program and developmental guidance curriculum. This will be a great way to help students reach their dreams.

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Career Cruising
4 Year Registration Plan
5 Questions Students Must Ask While College and Career Planning
ACP Goal Setting Worksheet
College/Military/Career Visit Form
Last Updated: 2/16/17
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