School Age Care and JK Wrap


Somerset S.A.C. and JK Wrap are based on acceptance and respect for children’s individuality. We provide inspiration for children's growing minds. We encourage children to be socially conscious and connected to the broader community through involvement. Educated staffs facilitate your child’s growth and understanding. We engage children’s natural curiosity and allow them to explore a well-balanced, age appropriate curriculum where the environment provides the opportunity for science, technology, arts, crafts, active play, language and social skills development.

Somerset S.A.C. provides community support through our commitment to safe quality care.

Somerset S.A.C. where children are learning today to succeed tomorrow.

JK Wrap is a complement to our S.A.C. program. Providing families with convenient care for JK students registered with the Somerset School District.

Each registered family will have a file. Files will contain billing information, upcoming events, calendars, newsletters and other pertinent information. Please check your file frequently.

Parent/Staff Communication Notebook-Please feel free to leave staff notes in notebook as we check it every day.

We are here to answer questions, listen to comments and help you in any way we can. Please feel free to write us a note, e-mail or call us at any time. We are more than happy to get back to you.

Child Abuse and Neglect- under Wisconsin State Law all professional staff working with children are required to report all suspected child abuse to authorities.

Pick up/drop off
Children must be signed in/out each day, by parent, guardian. Only those authorized by parent/guardian may pick child up.  Signatures made by individuals younger than sixteen years of age are not considered viable.

You must inform staff in advance if someone other than parent/guardian or authorized individuals will be picking up your child. All staff will ask for a photo I.D. (example-drivers license) Children will not be released to those who do not provide proper identification. This is for your child’s protection and safety.

JK Lunch and S.A.C./JK Snacks
School Year - A breakfast program is provided; lunch accounts will be charged the breakfast fee. Nutritional p.m. snack is provided. There is no extra fee for snack, unless other wise stated for special events, etc.  Please let us know if your child has special dietary needs.  Children may bring store bought treats to share on their birthday or special occasions. Summer - A healthy am and pm snack will be provided.  A bag lunch is required unless otherwise notified.  Families attending JK Wrap may provide a lunch from home or participate in school lunch programs using fees from childs's school lunch account.

Emergency procedures
All district emergency procedures will be followed. Emergency fire and tornado evacuation routes are posted in each area. In case of inclement weather all district procedures will be followed.  If school is closed we are closed. If school is delayed two hours, Somerset S.A.C./JK Wrap will be delayed two hours.

Accidents and injuries
It is very important that all registration information is complete and you have signed all field trip forms.

If a child is injured, we will take all steps necessary to obtain emergency medical care.

* Attempt to contact parent/guardian

* Attempt to contact emergency contacts in registration

All staff are prepared and have first aide materials available at all times for minor injuries not requiring professional medical attention. Most staff have CPR/Pediatric first aide. Staff will inform you of any mishaps and accident reports will be filled out.

Please remember that Somerset S.A.C. and the programs employees and the School District of Somerset are not liable for any accidents or injuries that may occur.

Staff may administer medication if current medication permission form is filled out. Medication forms must be done prior to program receiving medication before medication may be administered. Medications must be in prescription bottles and all information must be legible on bottle, example-dosage, duration, pharmacy name, directions for use, name of medication, child’s name etc. Children are not allowed to have Medication in their possession. Medication administration records will be recorded.

We will provide vans/school bus for field trips. We will also go on walks.  Please click on the link to complete the transportation permission form.

Sound disciplinary measures shall be maintained. We are providing a service and as such we reserve the right to ask you to withdraw from Somerset S.A.C./JK Wrap.  A positive approach and positive motivation for the children will always occur, in terms of respect, guidance, limits and redirection.

We will provide the following-

· Prevention-every effort will be made to accommodate the needs of the child.

· Positive redirection-Staff will help children identify acceptable alternative to unacceptable behavior.

· Modeling-Staff and piers provide positive modeling; children learn to take responsibility for actions.

· Set Limits-Consistent expectations and use of natural and logical consequences will be implemented.

We have a three step process.

1. Child will be warned, note sent home to parents/guardians.

2. Meeting with parent /guardian to implement behavior management program.

3. Upon third warning child/parent may be asked or will be terminated from the program.

Examples of reason for termination:

*Child’s actions or behavior could cause injury to herself/staff/other children in program

*Destruction of property/stealing of property

*Parent/guardian fails to follow behavior program, complete or submit required forms, nonpayment.

Lack of readiness for Somerset S.A.C. Such as toilet training, no preparedness for day (dress, lunch, etc.) Behavior resulting in staff inability to administer medications.

* If child has shown excessive violence, force or is unduly confrontational, parent/guardian will be notified immediately. Parent may be asked to pick child up after incident or if child has uncontrollable behavior. Parent will be asked to replace/pay for any destroyed items due to a child’s unruly behavior. Child may not be able to attend Somerset S.A.C./JK Wrap for a period of time to be determined by Director, depending on incident.

Health concerns
When children are ill they need to stay at home. Please keep them home for a twenty four hour period to avoid the spread of illness. If a child becomes ill while in our care parent/guardian will be contacted immediately. Child will be placed in a quiet, comfortable area, with staff, until arrival of parent.

Personal belongings
Please make sure all your child’s/children’s belongings are clearly marked. We do not encourage bringing toys and games from home, but if you chose to, we encourage responsibility.  Somerset School Age Care will not be held responsible for any lost or misplaced items.

We are so happy to have your family at Somerset S.A.C./JK Wrap. We look forward to providing your child/children with a safe, exciting and well rounded program.  Remember, Parents are always welcome to visit at any time. If you have any questions, concerns or comments please let us know, we are here to help.

Last Updated: 2/2/17
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