Fees Billing Procedures

Billing procedures

A nonrefundable registration fee of $35.00 is due at the registration of your child.

You are to prepay for program services. Checks are due Monday a.m. for the week of service. Any additional charges from the previous week must be paid on the following Monday. Child Care service will not be available to you until all balances are paid in full.

Payment may be made online through your Infinite Campus account by check, money order, or cash on site.  Any cash payments must be made to program director at the time of payment. Receipt will be given at time of payment.

If your child’s contract changes, please fill out a change of contract form.

Please make checks payable to: Somerset Community Education

Fees-School Year

SAC & JK Wrap Registration fee - $35.00
SAC Before School- $7.50
SAC After School- $8.50
SAC Non School Day Care - $37.00

JK Wrap 7:45-12:00 - $10.50
JK Wrap 10:45-2:45 - $10.50


SAC Registration fee - $35.00
SAC A.M. Care- $6.50 - Dates TBD
SAC 8A.M. - 12P.M. Care- $12.00 -
Dates TBD
SAC Half Day Care - $17.00 - Dates TBD
SAC All Day Care - $35.00 - Dates TBD

Families registering for four or more days per week, four or more weeks during summer session, are given two days of nonpaid vacation days to be used at family's descretion.  Program must be given a written notice at the beginning of week days will be put in use.

Contract Change Fee - $5.00

Contract Change Fee - Two weeks after initial enrollment families at any time may make adjustments to their child's attendance schedule.  Contract change must be made two weeks before change is to take place.  Contract change dates not aliening with the two weeks will be charged previous full contract value. Contract change will take effect on the date listed on the form.  Each family may receive one free contract change fee.

Late payment fee – Child care payments made past the due date and/or payments falling behind weekly will be charged a late processing fee of $5.00, with each late payment, not to exceed $30.00.

Finders’ fee – $8.00 per time. If staff searches for your child more than one time, for more than ten minutes, due to lack of parent notification, you will be charged this fee.

Late pick up fee - $5.00 for every five minutes you arrive after 6:00p.m.

Non-School Days - $37.00
Please remember that you must sign up for non-school days and early outs. Non-school day fliers will be available before the upcoming non-school days. Registration is due with payment by the sign up date.  Non-school day registrations will not be accepted unless payment for days registered is included.  Families canceling sign up for non-school days must give a two week notice. If cancellation is given for non-school days after the two week date your account will be charged.

Early out sign up sheets are located in the parent area. Children must be signed up to attend on early out days. A one week notice must be given to withdraw from early out registration. If you withdraw after the one week period your account will be charged the early out rate. If you have not signed up your child for early out and non-school days and they attend a $10.00 non-submission fee will be assessed to your billing account.

Occasional Care: Child must be registered and payment must be made day of care. Occasional Care requires a twenty four hour notice and depends on availability. Please call ahead.

Registration Contract
The registration contract is accepted as a schedule for the school year/summer program. If you need to make any long term changes to your child’s contracted schedule, please fill out a contract change form, located at the parent center or online.

Financial Assistance

Families unable to pay for childcare may be qualified for a payment plan. A scheduled meeting must be made with Director to determine qualifications.

Families must provide a written verification from financial agency prior to registration in the Somerset S.A.C. program. Ultimately family will still be responsible for school age care payments.

Vacation Credits

Families registered full time for both am and pm session will receive a vacation credit. Each child registered may receive three days of vacation credit. Written notification must be given (parent notebook) of date/dates prior to use. Credit will be given after vacation dates.

Pre-registered families, please remember in order to register for summer or fall your current account must be in good standing.

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