Alternative Energy Webquest


Alternative Energy WebQuest
Attention students! Our country needs your help in this national crisis. In accordance with current events, we are still at war
with the oil producing nations in the Middle East. Some of you may feel that this does not directly affect you at this time, but
did you realize that your lives are affected by oil everyday (e.p. gasoline prices). Your generation is at great risk from this
energy crisis that affects all of our lives. As future leaders of tomorrow our country needs your help in developing a solution
to this energy crisis. What forms of energy could our nation utilize so that we are not dependent on foreign resources? We
need your attention to this matter immediately . Our country's future is depending on you!!


You are to investigate an alternative source of energy. You will have to research, make inferences, evaluate, and determine benefits and drawbacks of your assigned alternative energy source. 
You will then create a business where you make or collect the alternative energy source. It is important to explain how you are going to do this and the expenses compared to fossil fuels.

Since the fossil fuels are nonrenewable resource, you must choose an alternative, renewable energy resource to generate power. This must be a resource that will be profitable here in Wisconsin and the rest of the country. You will use the Internet and other references to research your form of alternative energy. Decide which resource you will use to start up your new business. Once you take the resource nobody in the class can use it first come first served.  
You will be given 4 days to complete your research. Each individual will be awarded daily points for completed work, staying on-task (focused and not visiting other groups), final product given as a Smartboard presentation. (See attached rubric for more information.)

WEBQUEST (Day 1 of research)
To become an expert in your field of alternative energy, you must gather information. Begin by using the given resources to choose your area of expertise (these will include numerous websites and books.) Gather as much information as you can. Be sure to answer the questions given, but do not limit your knowledge to them. Take good notes, and be prepared to defend your resource!   (Note: You may be asked some of the following questions during your presentation.)
Scroll down to the botten of page to load Alternative Energy Questions.
1.  How is your resource used to generate power?
2. What is the history of your energy resource?
3.  Where is it being used right now?
4.  What are the positive benefits?
5.  What are the negative consequences?
6.  How efficient would this resource be compaired to fossil fuels?
7.  Where would be the ideal location in the United States to set up your company?
8. Is this energy source available in your community?
9. Is it available in your state?
10. What is the cost of this energy source? Daily, yearly? Individual? Home? State? (ESTIMATE THESE NUMBERS IF NEEDED)

11. How is this source provided to consumers?
12. How does it enter the house? The schools? How does it work?
13. How would it effect transportation?
14. Does it contribute to any form of pollution? land? water? air? noise? or does it help fix pollution?
15. Will it be easy to assimilate into our lives?
16. Can it work well with other forms of energy?
17. What is the source? What is the form? How does it interact with other forms of energy?--------Example: sun--> solar energy--> solar panels--> electrical energy
Hydro electric resources 

Biomass resources





Recycled used oil

Fuel Cells




Promotion (Day 2 of research)
Promote your business that is informative and memorable. This will be shown on the Smartboard as part of your presentation. Make sure to give information about your energy source and the benefits you would offer. You use this advertisement in your presentation.
Gather your resources and pick the specific form of energy you will utilize in your new business. You must then prepare a sales pitch to present to the class. You will be competing with other people to sell your energy. Remember, if yours is chosen, you will become rich and famous (and receive some bonus points.) In your presentation, the following three questions must be addressed. This is the bare minimum required…you need to offer more information for your energy to be chosen.
1.   Why is a business offering an alternative energy resource even necessary at this time?

2.   Why should your company be chosen over other businesses that utilize different energy sources?

3.   Why should your company be chosen over others using the same source of energy?
Ultimately you must convince your teacher that your alternative energy source and company would be the best choice for a new power provider. Presentations must last a minimum of five minutes. You will present with Smartboard presentation. You have to present this in a formal method, business professional.   Try to do anything to persuade the President with facts only to choose your alternative energy source.

You have established your company and are ready to start selling power. Answer the following questions in your presentations:
  •  What specific modifications, additions, and other changes will need to be made to homes and cars in order to utilize the new energy reserves? How much will all this cost consumers, the government?
  •  Describe what will have to be done to the homes and cars in order to maintain ample power.
  • What will be the most difficult part of the transfer of power?
  • Build a small model of how your energy will be used (i.e. solar energy=solar powered home/car.) 


Alternative Energy Rubric
The project will be at total of 100 points. Please look at your rubric every day we research, so you can keep track of how many points you are earning.
DAY 1:      Initial Research Day                            (15 points)
  •   Topic chosen
  •     Webquest completed and shown to teacher
  •   Plan of how you will “sell” your energy source
  •   On-task abilities, quality behavior
DAY 2:      Information/Advertisement                   (10 points)
  •   More research gathered
  •   Details/facts needed to make advertisement
  •   Plan for advertisement (approved by teacher)
  •   On-task abilities, quality behavior
DAY 3:      Research “sponge”                             (25 points)
  •   Gather additional information for presentation
  •   Finished advertisement presented to teacher
  •   Design of presentation delivered to teacher
  •   On-task abilities, quality behavior
DAY 4:      Final Presentation                               (10 points)
  •   Presentation is completed
  •   Props, materials brought to class
  •   Scripts/research all gathered and organized
  •   Final approval before presentations begin
  •   On-task abilities, quality behavior
PRESENTATIONS                                                        (40 points)
  •    Presentation is a minimum of 5 minutes
  •    Advertisement, materials, all questions answered



Alternative Energy Project.  10-03-08.

 Resources. 10-3-08


Alternative Energy Questions

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